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TomTom: Fix for ‘Leap Year’ Bug Released

Do you own a TomTom GPS device? If you do, you are likely aware that your device might not be working properly thanks to a software glitch referred to as the “leap year” bug. GPS navigation device giant TomTom has announced the release of a software fix for this glitch that made it impossible for the device to pinpoint users’ locations, making customers worldwide unhappy.

Problems began on March 31st with users staring at a poor GPS signal error message, and some a blank gray screen. None of the GPS devices were able to lock in on a users’ location. Customers took to posting on TomTom’s forums to alert the company to the issue. The company acknowledged the issue on the following Tuesday, assuring customers a patch was in the works.

TomTom apologized to its customers, saying the issues were caused by a “leap year” bug contained within the GPS device software provided by a third-party supplier. “We are working hard on a permanent solution that we will make available on our website as a downloadable software fix.” At the time, TomTom wouldn’t say which models were affected, only that a “limited number of GPS navigation device models” are having issues related to the GPS software glitch. The company recommended rebooting the GPS device as a temporary fix in the meantime.

On April 4 th, a few days later, the company released a statement: “A software update fixing the issue is now available via MyTomTom.” MyTomTom is TomTom’s web page offering support for its many GPS devices. “The update is straightforward.”

The company still didn’t get into details as to which models were affected, but when visiting the support page, you can see that installation instructions are provided for the Start 20/25, Via 110/120/125, Via Live 120/125, Go Live 820/825, Go Live 1000/1005, Blue&Me – TomTom 2, TomTom Connect and World 1005.