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Rocky Mountain Tracking does its best to educate readers of the various uses and applications of GPS tracking devices. One of our customers purchased a tracking devicefor their steam cleaning business, in order to better manage time and gasoline. As it turns out, the tracking device was able to locate and recover a company cleaning van after it was stolen. Santa Barbara Steam Cleaning equipped their cleaning vans with GPStracking devices in order to more efficiently manage their fleet. While visiting one of their clients, an employee of Santa Barbara Steam Cleaning unwisely left the vehicle running outside with a dog inside. Perhaps he wrongly thought that the dog would be enough to deter a thief. By the time the employee walked back outside, the vehicle had been stolen.


Thanks to the Informer Lite GPS tracking devices obtained here at Rocky Mountain Tracking, Santa Barbara Steam Cleaning was able to track the location of the van. “Being able to track the vehicle at all times is what helped us recover it,” said Andrew Gudgeon, manager of Santa Barbara Steam Cleaning. Tamara Gudgeon accessed the GPS data online and contacted police with the information immediately. Within a half hour, the police stopped the suspect near his home in Ventura, CA. Tamara added, “We were able to track our vehicle with the GPS and recovered it within a half hour.”


“A swift recovery is especially critical in a vehicle theft situation,” said our own Brad Borst, President of Rocky Mountain Tracking. “A delayed recovery increases the probability of damage to the vehicle and the risk of the vehicle never being recovered at all.” The dog was not found in the vehicle when police pulled it over, but was found shortly after sustaining minor injuries. According to the suspect, he threw the dog out of the vehicle, while driving on the freeway. He also claimed that his reasoning for stealing the vehicle was that he didn’t want to take the bus home.

Author: Marisa O’Connor


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Add Pittsfield Township, MI to the list of police forces realizing the easiest and most efficient way to track suspects in certain investigations is the GPS device. The Pittsfield Public Safety Department gained the approval needed to purchase GPS tracking devices to aid in investigations. The cost of the device, shipping, and associated costs requested from the Pittsfield Township Board who approved the funds shall not exceed $6,825.


A GPS device will give officers the chance to track a suspects whereabouts and activities by placing the device on their vehicle. The rest is as simple as tracking their movements in the hopes police can stop another crime from occurring.


Gordon Schick, Deputy Police Chief for the department feels it is an important tool in their investigative arsenal. “For us, GPS is like a polygraph machine or composite machine. Those tools that detectives need to find a suspect or maybe build evidence for a suspect. It’s just another tool that we have in the tool bag.”


During the board meeting, Trustee Gerald Krone inquired of Public Safety Director Matt Harshberger how exactly the GPS device would be used. The response: “It’s a tracking device we can put on a car.”


Let’s say the Investigative Unit is trying to keep tabs on suspected burglars. It is the hope of the department this device can help them stop a future crime in its tracks. According to Harshberger, “Try to maybe get them in the process of doing another crime. We can use that device, but that is what that is for. It has a data logger than can show their coordinates, so we can record it and document it.”


Trustee Gerald Krone thinks this is impressive technology, referring to the GPS device as “James Bond” like. “We put it on the car without them knowing about it?” Krone asked. Harshberger confirmed this, and Krone replied, “James Bond did that years ago” amidst laughter.


As required by federal law, police will require a search warrant prior to placing the tracking device. “For us, in order to have a search warrant, you have to have probable cause,” said Schick. “That’s an order by a judge. GPS is a very accurate way of building evidence.”


Team Intel of Stevensville, MI will be selling them the tracking device and data logger as the company has a history with the department, as well as the department’s commitment to support a Michigan-based business.

Author: Marisa O’Connor


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Tribal families living within the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Narmada, and parts of The Dangs district are using GPS devices to officially claim land they’ve been living off of. Under the Forest Rights Act, a family may claim forest land if they have been using it since 2005. There are more than 5,000 tribal families living in the forests. A large portion of the crops cultivated by the villagers are used for sustenance, and by officially claiming the land under the Forest Rights Act, the Indian government will recognize the land as belonging to the locals.


“We carry these GPS devices, turn it on and ask the claimant to walk on the border of his fields,” explained a member of the local Forest Rights Committee (FRC) in Patholi Ganina village, Bamanjibhai Vasava. “The data is then super-imposed on satellite maps, and we can see which areas are being cultivated by people. These maps, names of claimants and other details are then submitted to the government as evidence that we have been cultivating these lands, so we can gain possession under the Forest Rights Act,” he continued.


Unfortunately, there have been some problems with the GPS devices while plotting land. “The GPS has to connect with a satellite, so when there are clouds, it does not work. We carry out surveys when there are no clouds,” explained Indrasinh Vasava, from the Signal Garan village. There also seem to be some logistical concerns about the verification process required by the Forest Rights Act. In order to claim land, the villagers must have been cultivating the land since 2005.


The Indian government is using maps developed by its own BISAG (Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics). Many are concerned that the satellite images used to verify their claims are not reliable. The technology was not as accurate back then, sometimes resulting in errors of 300 meters or more. As it turns out, the concerns were founded. 113,000 out of 156,000 of the claims were rejected, resulting in mass protests. Currently the verification process is under review, and some have suggested using Google Earth images as an alternative.

Author: Marisa O’Connor


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Raytheon Company has announced the successful completion of software iteration 1.4 Critical Design Review (iCDR) for the Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System (GPS OCX). This displays the high level of maturity of the OCX design, showing it is ready to support GPS III launch readiness.


Software iteration 1.4 gives GPS IIIcommand and control capability it relies upon to support the first three launch exercises in preparation for the launch and checkout of the very first GPS III satellite.


“This is a major step forward for OCX that demonstrates we are on track to support GPS III launch. OCX will usher in a new era in precision space-based navigation and timing, consolidating GPS satelliteoperations in a single, efficient, and evolvable control system that is protected against current and future cyber threats,” said the GPS OCX program manager for Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems business, Ray Kolibaba.


GPS OCX development relies on a commercial best practice iterative software development process which gives improved flexibility and efficiency in the development of military satellite ground systems. An iterative approach means the ground system development process can be modified when the program’s needs change, such as schedule modifications and capability, independent from the development of the GPS III space vehicle.


After OCX Preliminary Design Review back in June 2011, CDR’s “waterfall” approach was tweaked for recognition of the iterative software development process. Iteration 1.4 iCDR is the preliminary test of this new CDR process, and shows that Raytheon and the US Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center have succeeded in fully integrating the commercial best practice through the process of acquisition.


GPS OCX offers command, control, and mission management for the GPS constellation: not only the new GPS III, but IIR-M and IIF as well. GPS III will offer protection against cyber threats in the future. OCX offers full navigation messaging on the new civilian signals, L2 and L5, as well as a special jam-proof military signal, M-Code. This gives users of every category worldwide new capabilities. OCX supports the L1C civilian signal on the new GPS III satellites, allowing interoperability with international GNSS like Galileo (Europe). OCX will give the user a high level of efficiency with lower maintenance fees, while at the same time being highly adaptable, able to evolve right alongside the GPS system.

Author: Khristen Foss


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Parents know that today’s world is much different that the one they grew up in. The days of roaming the neighborhood until the street lights come on are over, replaced with staying where mom and dad can make visual contact, or maybe carrying a cell phone when heading to the local park and traveling in groups. Luckily, there is another technological weapon in our arsenal aimed at keeping children safe while giving them a sense of indepence: a GPS device.


Amber Alert GPS makes a GPS trackingdevice specifically for children to carry, showing parents where their child is at any time. The Little Gym, a experiential learning and child development center for children age four months to 12 years boasting 300 worldwide locations, has announced a partnership with Amber Alert GPS to offer a discount for parents on the GPS device and subscription.


Through this partnership, The Little Gym is named exclusive category provider of the Amber Alert GPS tracking device and associated subscription. The device not only shows where your child is at all times on a map using your smartphone or home computer, it also offers an SOS button your child can press to alert you to any emergency. Does your child drive or travel with other parents to the soccer game while you are stuck in a meeting? The device will alert you if the vehicle your child is in exceeds the speed limit, or even if he or she is in a car when they should be walking. It also offers two-way communication, allowing you to drop your child from your cell phone plan altogether. Let’s face it: you bought the phone so they could call you when they needed, but they now call all of their friends all of the time, or text your bill into oblivion. Lastly, it alerts you when your child comes within 500 feet of the home of a registered sex offender.


“At The Little Gym, safety is very important to us. Our gym owners and instructors pride themselves on providing a safe environment for children to learn and grow. By aligning with Amber Alert GPS, one of the most well-known and respected child safety brands, The Little Gym is helping to give parents the confidence to let kids be kids,” Bob Bingham said, the President and CEO of The Little Gym.


Carol Colombo, CEO of Amber Alert GPS, said, “We at Amber Alert GPS are excited about partnering with an industry leader like The Little Gym to provide access to easy-to-use technology that helps make the world a safer place for our children while allowing them freedom and providing parents peace of mind.”


Friends of The Little Gym can take advantage of a $199 savings on the Amber Alert GPS device for free, with a three-year contract, and $20 activation fee waived. There is a link to this offer on the “Partners” page of

Author: Khristen Foss


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Why would anyone steal a GPS tracking device? It could, after all, lead the police right to him. He wouldn’t—unless he didn’t know it was there.  Now, they may be useful in recovering your stolen GPS navigation system.


Galesburg, Illinois recently experienced a string of vehicle break-ins which resulted in the theft of four GPS devices. GPS navigation units typically only work one way, meaning they can receive location data, but cannot transmit their own location. However, thefts such as these may create greater demand for navigation devices to include the same technology that helps you recover a lost cell phone. Industry experts say that there wasn’t initially a lot of demand for GPS tracking connectivity to be included in your Garmin because thefts were rare and a tracking service required an extra monthly fee. Privacy issues were also a concern. However, as the economy has continued its slump, electronic thefts have risen, including thefts of GPS navigation devices.


Benefits of enabling two-way connectivity in your GPS navigation device include the ability to track a car without the driver’s knowledge (helpful if your car is stolen) and the potential that thefts of the devices would be discouraged across the board if thieves know they may be tracked. In addition, a tracking device can point the way for law enforcement officers as they seek to recover stolen items.


Even if you choose a GPS navigation device that does not include tracking capabilities, you can still deter theft by equipping your car with a GPS tracking device for relatively little cost. Police say the devices provide valuable assistance in finding and recovering stolen vehicles, an endeavor that can take weeks or months if the car does not contain a tracker. Many cities have even employed “bait vehicles” to help law enforcement officers identify auto theft rings, leaving desirable cars in remote locations and then following the tracking signals once the car has been stolen.


GPS tracking has become an essential piece of equipment for ensuring peace of mind when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets. When coupled with other smart moves like locking your car, parking inside a garage, and installing anti-theft devices, it can protect not only your navigation system, but also your vehicle itself.

Author: Lynetta Bowen


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A new sports training watch made by women for women is set to be released by Bia in the spring of 2013. Designed and developed by professional athletes, an open-water swimmer and a triathlete, this watch meets the specific training needs of women that have yet to be addressed by other companies. Swimmers, runners, and cyclists alike can now train better and in style with Bia’s GPS-enabled sports watch.


The Need

Women are rising to the top in the world of sports, and every arena has seen an increase in the number of women participating in large events, includingrunning, swimming, and biking. In fact, statistics show that women make up about 40 percent of marathon participants and about 60 percent of half-marathon participants. And Triathlon America reports that women represent the fastest growing population in triathlons. To this point, training watches for this demographic have been large, heavy, and difficult to use. Bia hopes to change that—and not just for women.


The Design

Bia’s training watch sports an interchangeable and easily adjustable band that comes in an array of colors, both solid and print. The band is made of neoprene, a soft, flexible material often found in arm and leg elastic braces. The face is not only smaller and thinner, but it also angles in for an easier read without have to change the arm’s position. The watch works in all weather conditions, including rainy runs and cold swimming events.


The Features

Like most sports watches, the Bia watch features stopwatch capability along with session time information, heart rate monitor, and calorie counter; the user can even customize and track walk/run intervals. Combined with the GPS Go Stick, also made by Bia, the watch provides immediate transfer of data to an online training log without the need for a satellite signal. The watch itself uses a simple battery that is made to last up to 18 months, while the GPS unit has a rechargeable battery that gives the wearer 17 hours of active training. However, the most crucial feature is the alert button for those training sessions that may take the athlete out of a populated area. The button is integrated to sound an audible alarm while at the same time sending location data to police as well as a contact person of choice.


Bia takes its name from the Greek goddess of force, the sister of Nike. It hopes to encourage women to become more active by combining the versatility of GPS monitoring with training tools made to fit the female form and keep her safe.

Author: Hillary Mayfield


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Satellite Technology International (STI) and the Association of Critical Care Transport (ACCT) teamed up to offer up for auction Helicopter GPS approach and departure, proceeds to benefit further safety enhancements in the world of medical helicopters. This transaction guarantees Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in the Kansas City, MO area operates a little safer. The GPS approach and departure, worth $25,000, was donated by STI to ACCT so that they could include it as an item to be auctioned.


GPS approach and departure procedures for helicopters traveling to locations that are not an airport, like a hospital, only exist when a person or company develops its installation. They are necessary, in conjunction with instrument flight rules (IFR) operation, to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers in the event the weather takes a turn for the worst, decreasing visibility and lowering ceiling heights. These GPS systems give medical helicopters the power to reach hospitals or accident scenes safely no matter what the conditions, while also giving patients a better chance at survival as the GPS systems save time. If it weren’t for GPS approaches and departures, all helicopters, including those flying IFR, would be forced to land at an airport with instrument approaches.


The auction took place at an annual meeting held at ACCT in Colorado Springs, CO. It was determined that LifeFlight Eagle, based in Kansas City, MO, was the winner. LifeFlight Eagle plans on using the GPS approach onboard LFE 4, the company’s helicopter that flies exclusively to Children‘s Mercy Hospital. Dick Whipple, VP of Operations for LifeFlight Eagle, said, “It is important for LifeFlight Eagle to support the safety and mission of the Children’s Mercy Program. Our goal is to build and expand the aviation infrastructure to better serve the region and continue to implement measures to enhance safety.”


The Director of Critical Care Transport for Children’s Mercy Hospital, Sherry McCool, said, “Expanding IFR operations at our program will improve safety for our patients and crew. IFR will allow us to complete additional flights we otherwise would have to complete by ground, thus possibly delaying care to critically ill infants and children.”


Greg Keller, president of STI, was pleased LifeFlight Eagle won the auction, although it was a tough finish, with a swarm of bids coming in minute by minute, up until the last minute from all over the country. “Satellite Technology International would like to congratulate LifeFlight Eagle and Children’s Mercy Critical Care Transport of Kansas City, MO on their winning bid for the helicopter GPS approach offered through the ACCT-sponsored silent auction. Choosing to fly IFR is a significant safety enhancement for flight crews as well as patients.” Keller was also happy to hear that ACCT planned on using the proceeds to improve safety in the entire medical helicopter community.


ACCT’s executive director Lisa Tofil thanked the STI for their auction donation. “On behalf of the members of ACCT, we sincerely appreciate STI’s donation of the installation of a helicopter GPS approach and departure. GPS infrastructure into hospitals is made possible only through the investment of an individual air medical program or company. Someone must purchase these enhancements for them to become a reality. This purchase by LifeFlight Eagle is a reflection of their commitment to improving safety and care for critically ill neonatal and pediatric patients.” This is the second time STI has donated a GPS approach to ACCT for auction.

Author: Khristen Foss


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A shell company by the name of Silver State Intellectual Technologies, Inc. is suing Foursquare over an alleged patent problem, an ongoing problem in the technological world these days. It isn’t just Apple vs. Google, sometimes it’s a no-name company created to conceal the identity of the larger corporation that created it. What, exactly, do the patents in question cover? Well, documentation claims the patents are related to the “system and method for user navigation” and the “GPS publication application server.” Yes, you read that right: they are suing Foursquare over GPS.


The puzzling thing is why Silver State Intellectual Technologies is singling out Foursquare seeing as there are numerous other companies tying GPS into their services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google to name a few. All of these sites offer location-based services for their social networking sites. Why only Foursquare?


The lawsuit, filed on July 25, 2012 states Silver State Intellectual Technologies, Inc. is based in Las Vegas, NV and owns a patent called GPS Publication Application Server which was issued on March 11, 2008, as well as a patent called System and Method for User Navigation issued on January 6, 2009. The suit states that Foursquare infringed their patents while providing their location-based social networking service, although it doesn’t give details as to what specifically about the patent they are infringing.


This lawsuit really shows the need for GPS functionality to be provided at a reasonable cost, licensed to any technology, whether it is a smartphone, GPS device, or app that relies on GPS, eradicating the need for patents and putting an end to these lawsuits altogether. One way to make this happen a little faster: force companies to come out from behind the tiny corporation no one’s ever heard of when bringing forward patent litigation.

Author: Khristen Foss


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Canadian-based Hemisphere GPS, manufacturer of advanced GNSS products, has announced they have been awarded a variety of new patents dealing with adaptive machine control and GNSS solutions, the latest advancements in these areas.


The Adaptive Machine Control System and Method patent explains the intricate adaptive control methods relied upon to guide vehicles while remaining accurate and efficient. This GPS tracking system consists of a machine controller, GNSS guidance system, and software, and is used most often in precision farming operations. Pre-planned guidance patterns tell the GPS tracking system the optimal pattern adjustments for guidance and steering, and the system takes into account the actual ground conditions as specified by the user including boundary or terrain irregularities, path, and minimum turning radius. The system also provides spray nozzle control, helpful when fertilizing the fields as it helps guard against spraying the same row of crops twice. Farmers rely on this technology to save time and money, while at the same time increasing crop yields. The patent supports both current products offered by Hemisphere GPS as well as new developments within their precision farming lines, such as the Outback Guidance line of products.


Other patents awarded to Hemisphere GPS (a grand total of seven) include advanced GNSS solutions dealing with antenna design, an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), tracking of fixed and slow-moving structures, multiple antenna control system, antenna alignment and monitoring system, augmentation of differential corrections, and vehicle guidance control.


Dr. Mike Whitehead, Chief Scientist for Hemisphere GPS, said “Hemisphere GPS’ commitment to innovation has generated over 75 pending and issued patents. Through these inventions and sophisticated new technology, we continuously enhance capability and performance of our positioning, guidance, and machine control solutions in the marketplace.”


For more information on the patents granted to Hemisphere GPS,

Author: Khristen Foss


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