GPS Technology Serves As Smartphone Theft Insurance

Thieves love smartphones as much as you do, but for different reasons. Smartphones are cool. They’re small. They’re expensive and easy to steal. A good smartphone can be a costly investment, and you probably want to keep yours in your own pocket until you buy a new one. But that’s exactly what thieves don’t want. They want your smartphone because it’s easy to steal and easy to sell. Stealing a phone at a coffee shop, a baseball game, or at a park is relatively easy, and thieves know it. That’s why they love smartphones, but that’s all changing.

GPS Technology: Thieves’ Worst Nightmare
You’re at a park, having a good time. You leave your phone on a bench for a mere second go throw away some garbage. You come back to find your phone gone. A couple of hundred bucks (or more) down the drain in a matter of seconds. However, with GPS tracking technology, there is a fighting chance of recovering your valuable investment.

Recently, police caught a young thief who stole two smartphones. Two girls left their phones in their car and forgot to lock the doors. The boy did what many thieves do: They see a phone, they go for it. What the young thief didn’t know was that one of the phones had GPS tracking technology. Only minutes after the girls reported what happened, the authorities were able to track down where both of the phones were. A nice, happy ending, thanks to GPS technology.

With GPS Technology, You Can Relax.
So you come back to the bench. Your phone is gone. What do you do? If your phone has a GPS tracking system, you can relax. The good news is that many smartphones now come with this technology. If your phone is stolen, you can use a computer to find its location on a map, and share the information with the police. Consumers can send a message to their smartphones, in case it was left at a friend’s house. If the phone contains confidential information, you can also lock or erase it remotely.

GPS technology is a thief’s worst nightmare, and it can be your best friend. GPS technology keeps your phone where it belongs—in your own pocket, not someone else’s.


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